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That Orange Wire

Some exciting news today! I'm happy to have the opportunity to be featured alongside fellow online theory teachers in RCM's new video series about in person/online Hybrid Teaching! This new series is titled "Online Plus: A Hybrid Model".

Many of us are back in our studios, albeit with COVID-19 protocols in place, yet are continuing to incorporate the skills learned during "pandemic teaching" to enhance our pedagogical approach. Screen sharing, collaborative annotation, apps and other technologies have found their way into our teaching toolbox and are here to stay.

As I watched the first video installment of this series (seeing oneself in a video is daunting indeed), I was interested to see which technologies my colleagues are incorporating into their studios. However, I also realized that my description of an "orange wire" was inadequate - yes, we music teachers aren't always up on our tech-speak - so thought to provide some further information.

The orange wire in question is USB C to HDMI Cable, purchased on Amazon. The one I bought in vivid orange seems to be unavailable, but here's a link to a similar product: USB C to HDMI Cable, CLDAY USB Type-C to HDMI Cable Thunderbolt 3 Port 4K for New MacBook/pro iPad Pro 2018 iMac Chromebook Pixel Dell XPS 13/15 Galaxy S8/S9 S8/S9 Plus Note8(6.6ft). (This is not a sponsored link.)

Also...that's not a flash's a lightning connector! Oh dear.

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