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Progressive private piano lessons following the syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music.  This includes repertoire, studies, technical requirements, ear-training and sight-reading, in preparation for the examinations of the RCM Certificate Program.


30-minute lessons are intended for very young children;


45-minute lessons are ideal for most beginner students;


60-minute lessons are recommended for intermediate and advanced students.


30 minutes:  $30.00

45 minutes:  $40.00

60 minutes:  $50.00


***5% discount for families with two or more children taking separate lessons, in studio or on Zoom***

Piano Lessons
Music Theory


Sheet Music Edits

Progressive theory lessons following the syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music.  For more detailed course information please consult the online theory syllabus.

Starting at the Grade 5 level, students may register for the co-requisite theory examinations of the RCM Certificate Program


For Levels 8, 9, 10, and ARCT, piano students must take a separate class to cover the required theory co-requisites.


Private theory lesson fees:

60 minutes:  $50.00

If available, group theory* lesson fees (60 minutes) :

2 participants: $35.00 pp

3 participants: $30.00 pp 

*Maximum of 3 students per class.

Fees include correction of homework exercises.


  1. Fees are paid at the beginning of each month by e-transfer according to the number of weeks of lessons in that month.

  2. If I need to cancel a lesson, it will be automatically credited to the following payment.

  3. If a student cancels a lesson with less than 24 hours notice (except in case of sickness or emergency), the lesson is forfeited (non-refundable). In some instances, at my discretion and schedule permitting, it may be possible to reschedule the lesson.

  4. If a student fails to show up for their lesson, whether in person or on Zoom, the lesson is forfeited and will not be rescheduled.

  5. International students must pay in CAD and are responsible for any applicable transaction and/or currency conversion fees.


Preparatory - Level 4

Preparatory and Elementary theory instruction is offered as a component of the piano lessons.

Levels 5 - 7

Level 8

Intermediate theory instruction offered either as a component of the piano lesson or as a separate course.

Separate Advanced theory course.

Harmony and Counterpoint

Levels 9 - ARCT

Progressive study of the Harmony and Counterpoint co-requisites of the RCM Certificate Program.

Music History

Levels 9 - ARCT

Progressive study of Music History co-requisites of the RCM Certificate Program.



Advanced study of musical analysis at the ARCT level of the RCM Certificate Program.

Specialized Instruction


Preparation for CEGEP music program theory entrance examinations and placement tests.  Ear-training courses.

Harmony and Counterpoint
Music History
Specialized Instruction
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