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Do you have a student using the RCM Official Examination Papers Booklet to prepare for a theory examination (Rudiments, Harmony & Counterpoint or Analysis), and who would benefit from an independent assessment of their completed practice papers?

This new service addresses itself to independent music teachers who would like a correction or second opinion of their student's work.  An outside evaluation benefits the student by confidence-building in areas of strength while raising awareness of any weaknesses - then providing the tools to correct and improve.


Examination paper assessments include:

  • Complete correction and approximate marking

  • Comments and explanations as needed

  • References to specific page numbers in RCM books for further study

  • Availability for clarification of corrections

Completed practice papers must be submitted via email in PDF format.

Assessment fee per exam (payable by e-transfer):

  • Rudiments Grades 5-7: $30

  • Rudiments Grade 8: $35

  • Harmony & Counterpoint Grades 9-10: $40

  • Harmony & Counterpoint, Analysis ARCT: $45

Please contact me for further information.